I was born in 1961 in Mexico City; my father was an Architect, who was building his own house in the same year, when it was finished it became the greatest influence in all my professional life, my parents were young and the house was strictly modern, a small single floor plan and flat roof, with floor to ceiling transparent glass windows protected by exterior pebbled blank walls, and wooden parquet flooring in the inside. All the furniture was customed designed and crafted for the house by my dad Architect.

I remember me and my sister playing skids with our one piece pajamas inside the house stopping a few centimeters towards the wall windows.

The second biggest influence in my Architecture future was when I was about ten; and my father was building The Swiss School _El Colegio Suizo de México_a Project he won in an Architecture competition. He received a phone call from the construction site around 10:00 PM and was told that a flooding was taking place in the school basement where the cooking schoolrooms with kitchen equipment imported from Switzerland were. So I set out with him, when we arrived my father went inside to help carry out the kitchen fixed furniture with the staff in charge; I can’t forget one of the guards holding a switched on slimline light with water reaching above his chest trying not to get electrocuted and kill us all, moving it in order to light up that brief indoor pool. I did my try helping the group with the work, but because of the height I had at that age I just finished swimming. I wondered how Architects had lots of fun and I am afraid by now I was right.

I just have to be grateful to those moments that made me took the best decision in my life: to choose Architecture.


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