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Residential / 2019

An intervention on a house we designed 7 years before . We start by making it sef-sufficient into electrical energy installing rooftop photovoltaic cell panels .

The next step on that same rooftop, was to expand the water reserve to 150%, placing 2 tanks of 2500 litres each on top of a new room we built with a light structure made of steel angles as columns and I steel beams as girders painted in white . This structure was covered with aparent compressed cement panels bolted to a galvanized gutter frame . A short and narrow steel bridge connects the upper contained open courtyard with the original water deposits and to a marine ladder attached to a wall . All this establishes a balance on a composition of different materials and colours .

Finally an existing metal structure of I beams and stainless angles was reinforced by stiffening it with diagonals of smooth round stainless steel rods; aditionally a steel square tubular profile vertical rack painted in black was fixed to support 198 pieces of laminated black slate stone glued with black poliurethane and epoxy adhesive; thus achieving a wall of more than 10 metres high x 6 metre wide, a water spillway was placed at top and behind of this plane, in order of turning it in a slim vertical font and final physical limit of the house .  


Raul Peña, Eugenio Occelli, Carlos Robles, Diego Iñigo Cejudo .


Raul Peña


Este es un proyecto diseñado y desarrollado por Fuego Studio