Playa Paraíso Perdido

Urban Design and Landscape Workshop / 2013

Guerrero, Mexico.

Playa Paraíso Perdido is a beach located in the San Jerónimo district in north coast of the Guerrero state, and was chosen among other places to set our 2013 workshop. Our main goal was to design and build an assembled and removable light structure that could be donated to a rural community; in this case a fisherman´s small village. The structure was completely fabricated and set up by the fourth grade Anahuac University School of Architecture students. The design consisted in a tridimensional pyramidal wooden frame work connected by galvanized eyebolts and sheltered with white triangle canvas tied with ropes, the result was placed at the beach and could be de-assembled and re-organized with many different options and uses, all the work was done in a weekend and donated to the community.


Andrew Sosa / Mariana Vázquez Colmenares / Héctor Avila / Bruno Kleinert / Arturo Pérez Duarte / Eder Muñóz / Andrea Sánchez / Rodrigo Carrancá / Erika Ávalos / Frida González / Saúl Núñez / Team Leadership Raul Peña


Este es un proyecto diseñado y desarrollado por Fuego Studio