Antonio Sola 38

Residential / 2008

Mexico City

The interior of a small townhouse in the fashionable neighborhood La Condesa, Mexico City was updated between 2008 and 2009. This small dwelling with a covered garage space had a very tiny open courtyard which was covered with a box-type glass skylight and managed a three height inner space, crossed by a suspended staircase connecting the house´s roof terrace. This was an opportunity to blend the garage space with the kitchen and brought a spacious sense in the entire house, two former bedrooms were joined together to enlarge the main bedroom, an open reading room was set in an upstairs hall and the laundry room was opened to the kitchen space, the purpose of the inside opening was to suppress visual blockage and ease the everyday home function. The interior walls were plastered and painted in white, the steel structure painted in black mate, all the floor boarding was set in light pine wood.


Raúl Peña Arias / Alberto Moreno Guzman


Este es un proyecto diseñado y desarrollado por Fuego Studio