Centro Nacional de Resguardo Documental

Institutional / 2002

Hidalgo, Mexico

The National Documentary Shelter is settled in the IFE complex along with the Computer Centre in Santa Maria Tlaxiaca a district near Pachuca in Hidalgo Mexico. The building houses the documents needed bay a common citizen to obtain an identity election card, in a 3 storey freestanding metal shelving structure inside a steel framework confined by horizontal concrete walls, remaining a third of the main body underground. And a third part for mezzanine office and document classification in a three height space. The interior is naturally ventilated and illuminated with lengthwise highlights. It was designed in 2002 and built in 2005.


Raul Peña Arias / Honorato Carrasco Mahr / Cesar Pérez Becerril / Hector Garduño / Cesar Garduño


Alberto Moreno Guzman / Raul Peña Arias


Este es un proyecto diseñado y desarrollado por Fuego Studio