Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi 847

Residential / 2014

Mexico, DF

This was a transformation of a 1940´s house in Narvarte Poniente, Mexico City. Designed in 2012 and finished in 2014; the house was totally re-structured, updated and renovated, a three storey vertical fountain was set in black slate panels in a backyard at the back of the property; the main bedroom has a wooden terrace facing this backyard divided by a translucent bridge connecting a dress room. All the interiors were painted in white and the main façade is protected by an aluminum vertical screen allowing room wide windows with complete privacy, the exterior is surrounded by huge street foliage and the entrance is preceded by a small courtyard with a peach tree. Something to mention is that all the furniture in the house was design to fit to the house.


Raúl Peña Arias / José Luis Rodriguez


Alberto Moreno Guzman / Raúl Peña Arias


Este es un proyecto diseñado y desarrollado por Fuego Studio