Centro de Artes Santa Úrsula

Culture Education Institutional / 2008

The Santa Ursula Arts Centre was designed in 2007 and built in 2009 at the popular neighborhood of Santa Ursula in Coyoacán, to host theater, contemporary dance, ballet, music and circus performance education. The project is divided in three parts; the galvanized corrugated sheet theater with a rooftop gallery, the three storey classroom wing and the fourth height atrium space  for open activities are connected by an all accessible ramp covered by a cantilevered translucent roof.  To avoid scorch climate all the north façade is protected by a metal lattice work allowing the wind go through the atrium.  Additionally the Centre has an open piazza for outside performances. The structure is being exposed and painted in white. The complex is colloquially known as la jaula; the cage. 


Raul Peña Arias / Hector Garduño / Carlos Garcia Reyna / Eileen Garcia Rodriguez / Vicente Robles Jara / Jorge Gonzalez Parrodi / Heberto Castillo Juarez / Daniela Duarte Gottdiener


Alberto Moreno Guzmán / Raul Peña Arias


Este es un proyecto diseñado y desarrollado por Fuego Studio