Estela de Luz

Institutional / 2011

Mexico City

The Light Trail was an Architectural Competition won in 2009, originally destined to be the Mexico’s bicentennial independence landmark; it was placed beside the ´Puerta De Los Leones ´entrance to the Chapultepec forest in the Paseo De La Reforma Mexico City. It consist in two 360 feet high x 30 feet wide parallel planes of translucent quartz panels supported by a stainless steel support system and structure of 2 pair of four 3 feet of diameter rounded columns, set from a huge sunken stairway piazza surrounded by concrete walls is the reunion place for public demonstrations, spontaneous performances and open-air electronic music concerts. The Light Trail is illuminated at night with a led lighting system and occasionally features light play. At ground level the complex also have a horizontal tempered glass prism that houses a ramp which reaches the 2 basement levels of the Digital Culture Center, and another glass cubic prism for an outside elevator. This urban jewelry design piece is commonly known as the ´Suavicrema´ the cream wafer. It was completed in 2011 and opened in 2012.


César Pérez Becerril / Martin Gutierrez Guzmán / Raul Peña Arias / Jorge Yazpik / Arturo Jiménez Maldonado / Ana Lilia Cortéz Pérez / Luis Méndez Jiménez / Bibiana Mosiváiz / Claudia González Aguirre / Enrique Flores Acevedo / Ángel Ovet Saldaña / Joaquin Aguirre Vallarta / Fernando Becerril Serrano / Thomas Schmidt / Alfonso de la Fuente / Enrique Rendon / César Flores Cuellar / Ricardo Ponce Martínez de Alva / Edgar González Torriz / Esteban Pedrosa / Jorge Bolaños López / Raul del Palacio / Israel Ambríz / Martha Zarco / Ignacio López Rodriguez / José Miguel González / Miguel Hierro Ozores / Raul Izquierdo Ortega / Carlos Robles Vargas / Julio Guzmán Bracho / Christian Estavillo / Hector Garduño / Andrés Huesca


Alberto Moreno Guzmán / Raul Peña Arias


Este es un proyecto diseñado y desarrollado por Fuego Studio