Flor y Miel

Retail and leisure / 1990

Tlaltenango Morelos México

The Flor y Miel Garden Centre, set in an antique rural state in Tlaltenango District of Cuernavaca has had 3 different interventions; in 1889, 1993, 1996, as a distribution place of ornamental plants the centre has three sections; the open glass greenhouse, the shop and a display terrace exhibiting pottery covered by a steel beam pergola . The existing adobe and stone peasant house is now use for selling small flower pots, garden accessories and honey produced at the owner´s hive land. The same construction system was used consisting in timber structure supporting quarry tiles; only introducing clean seamless glass sheets and indirect illumination. 


Raul Peña Arias, Fernando Aguerrebere Devereux, César Pérez Becerril


Este es un proyecto diseñado y desarrollado por Fuego Studio