Retail and leisure / 1999

Mexico City.

Another house in Polanco, Mexico City, was transformed; but now in to an American furniture store for the brand Thomasville. All the interior divisions were removed and the interior emptied remaining only the enclosing weight bearing walls and recoated with dark limestone; to support open steel trust beams to hang structurally the concrete floors with tensor cables; so the space could be easily used for retail. A white poured in site concrete blank wall was set in the main façade and in one side as a narrow appendix a double height glass display. The main entrance was protected by a translucent glass trussed black mate canopy. The property´s front was covered by a huge bushy clove lawn shaded by tall ash trees. The work was designed and built in 1999.


Ramiro Beltrán Merino / Raul Peña Arias / José Nolasco / César Pérez Becerril


Alberto Moreno Guzmán


Este es un proyecto diseñado y desarrollado por Fuego Studio